And now… Meditation

Buddah Meditation

And now I [try to] end my night with a meditation.

I have downloaded a free Meditation App. It’s amazing how therapeutic it can be or is supposed to be.  I can vividly remember as a child being in the now and as I left formal schooling, I find my mind often in the future and, perhaps more dangerously, in the past.  I read a Dr Axe article that listed meditation as a treatment for autoimmune diseases and considering how stress can cause all types of physical ailments (like expensive kinds to diagnose at the very least), I have started to appreciate why that could be.

Do what your doing, while you’re doing it.

Even if I can’t listen to my app at night, I remember to focus on my breathing and on the now.

I’ve tried meditation formally once, and it was hosted by someone who was a plumber.  Who would have thought!  It was hard for me to sit for that long without a leg falling asleep.

Have you tried meditation?  How do you like it?


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