Gift Giving

Chocolate GiftI remember at a very early age I saw a Barbie Ferrari on a TV commercial and thought it was the coolest thing EVAR!  I asked my mom if I could get one but we didn’t have any money she said. To which I thought, Oh No!! There began my awareness of how close one could be to the street, there was sometimes homeless folks who would camp out in a box across the street. 

I felt terrible asking for anything after that point.  I kept a LOT my toys practically NIB. My mom would take us to Playworld, a former toy store in our neighborhood, and she would stalk me to see what I was looking at for a gift idea. So at some point I decided that, when I got someone a gift, it was because I wanted them to have it – and not want or expect anything in return. 

I hated to give a gift to feel like the next day the person would feel obligated to  give something in return.  In the work place, I now plan to wait until it’s the person’s last day in the office, and then I would give them my little token of appreciation and close the books! 🙂

I like this approach because even though though we may have a job, life is expensive. Taking care of kids, parents, a car, taxes. Also, in an effort to downsize and simplify, I don’t need or want anything at this point in my life other than basic necessities.

So what do you do for the holiday season or for gift giving in general? One of the inspirations was helping a friend clean out his house after his mother passed away as well as cleaning out 7 tons of items left behind in an old barn/farm. I told myself I never want to leave that behind for my [GW] kids or grandkids one day. 🙂


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