Stride Right!

I recently measured my LO’s foot, suspecting he needed larger shoes now.  I was surprised to find that his feet were extra wide – yet not at the same time.

Anyway, I got into a conversation with my mom about our trips to Stride Rite, a shoe store with professional staff, where they would always measure your feet and pull out all the options available to you.  These days those professions seem non-existent – perhaps to our detriment in a way, especially if   you have feet that is not standard to the Average American(?) male/female.

I first thought about this when a primary doctor mentioned, in passing, that yeah, she  saw a slight formation/start of a bunion on my foot.  In a very non-chalant way too.  But why is that okay?  Fast forward to recently, I was readying Mayo Clinic newsleter about foot health and how bunions are formed.  I would expect a dcotir to tell someone (me) you need to get a shoe with a wider / more fitting width, or whatever the remedy would be.  I started stretching my foot out to get my toes to start stretching in the right direction, and I try to use these Yoga Toes I have whenever I remember.

It all those darn heels.  Now I’ve been trying to push out the ill fitting shoes to meet the needs of the outlined foot on the paper with my ruler.  Wide it is and, for my son, XW (extra wide).

So I would recommend learning how to measure your/your LO’s foot size so we can take care of our feet and prevent residual effects of improper pressure on our feet!


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