Top 10 smartiEating Tips

Thanksgiving Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!  I was listening to podcast earlier today about what some of the first Thanksgivings really were like – it was a 3-day feast and you ended with the fourth Sunday when you went to church.  I imagine it would last for 3 days because there was no refrigeration and once all that food is cooked, no one goes home until the plate is empty.

Anyway, I’m stuffed.  I did better than most Thanksgivings though!  Over the years of trying to be healthy, I have developed a few hand rules that I try to abide to moreso than not.  If you need to recover from the Thanksgiving holiday or try to avoid putting on the “winter coat” here are some ideas that I’m sharing with you.

  1. Healthy Snacks – bring fruit with you!  When I find myself craving something, I tell myself, shut up and eat your banana 🙂
  2. No Snacks at home.  I try not to stock anything that I didn’t fit caloric-wise into my week’s meal plan. And I use mealplan loosely here.
  3. Split out serving sizes ahead of time. We used to snack on cereal and then would find we make a regrettable dent in the box. Then for the week,  we’d separate each serving size into Ziplock bags and put them back in the box. We’d also separate a bag of trail mix into small Tupperware we’d then take to work or on road trips.
  4. Split meals / apps/ desserts – my hand rule that I try to abide to is split an app and an entre or split an entre and a dessert. Otherwise, just one entre and no add-on’s.  Restaurant potion sizes are way more than we should consume typically, so plan not to consume it. If you are able to, just eat half of  your entre if you’re not able to share with someone or pack it to bring home.
  5. BYO Lunch. No way to limit your intake than by planning ahead.
  6. 1 glass of Wine – It’s fewer calories than those mixed surgery drinks and red wine has antioxidants. The societies with some of the longest living populations have a Wine at Five rule (reference: blue zones). If you limit yourself to one drink in general, it will preserve your wallet’s contents.
  7. Eat a carrot. (Take a veggie with you.) I found myself a couple of times eating a baby carrot just because it was there at my desk.  It surprisingly killed a sugar craving I had.  Carrots do have suger though, so maybe that’s a bad reason, but any time you can replace empty calories for ones loaded with vitamins and nutrients, then it’s a win.
  8. Teaspoon of Cranberries in your cereal to regulate blood sugar in the morning.
  9. Pile veggies on your plate – if you find yourself at a buffet-style setting, try filling 50-75% if your plate with greens / vegetables and other healthy items. This will limit how much rice, meats, and other items you should limit.
  10. Take the smallest Container and stuff it.  When you’re at a buffet style place for to-go, take the smallest of the clam shells and fill that to your heart’s content. Again, try to first stuff with veggies.

Let me know if there’s other ideas I should add to the list!



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