New York City’s Holiday Markets

Outdoor Holiday Market Vendor

I love the holidays.  It plays a big part that I enjoy more and more, spending time with my family.  When it comes to the December season, it’s not presents that I seek, but time out (or in when it’s too cold) with my family and time off from work (when possible!).  I find we do so much running around that we don’t get the opportunity to enjoy the town we live in or the apartment we have, albeit smaller that we’d like!

If you are trying to instill an appreciation of family time, or just general together-time, with yourself, a date, littles ones, your out-of-town visitors then there are several ways we can make that happen without centering your activities around shopping.

One of the things I love about the Holiday Season is all the Holiday Markets that pop up starting mostly in November.  My favorite is Union Square, but there are more that we can take advantage of.  Although there’s lots of shopping that can take place at these markets, my favorite thing to do is get a cup of warm coffee / hot chocolate / hot cider (whatever you desire that’s available) and get a warm Belgian waffle or hot soup to eat and huddle for warmth with your loved ones while enjoying the brisk air, lights, and liveliness.

If you already ate, scout out some free chocolate samples.  Some practical items you can obtain, if you do need to shop, is a set of gloves / scarves / hats; a  Christmas / Holiday tree ornament; a box of chocolates for family/friends or co-workers (at least we’re shopping local here and they’re good quality!), to name a few.

I won’t reinvest the wheel, but will instead leverage Time Out New York’s good work to pull all these markets together:



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