Brandywine Tomatoes
Tomatos take up so much room. When you read a tomato  seed packet and see that it needs 5′ diameter to grow, you think (well, I do at least), “…yeah, right..(if I should be so lucky).”

But I planted two tomato plants (that I sprouted from seed) this past summer and now they take up so much room!  In a greenhouse, after being neglected for about 6 weeks, they must have tapped into some underground water source.  After hacking away at the Brandywine tomato, in a week or two all the tomatoes were huge (see photo above)!

I wonder I can train them like a grape vine – they are climbing on top of their neighbors.

If these tomatoes make it to turning red, what can I do with all these tomatoes?  I’ve had some successful tomato harvests in the past and we could never consume all of them before some of them started to “turn” (as we say).

Here are the ideas that come to mind:

  • Puree them (make a soup)
  • Cut them in half and dehydrate them
  • Put them in a salad / burger
  • Just eat them
  • Tomato sauce
  • Pizza sauce
  • Tomato-Herb Rolls (I’ve been meaning to try this Weight Watchers recipe)

What else can be done? I’m not too confident in my canning skills, that the one time I did can (jar) some cooked tomatoes, I ended up tossing it – I don’t have many pasta eaters in my household so lack of eaters make me not bother with this method again (along with the time it takes to boil that huge pot of water!) – for now at least.

This year I did puree a bunch of tomatoes my mom gave me and I made a soup. I didn’t add any cream into it but my family ate it and that made me proud. :p

I also read a speculation that eating cooked tomato seeds may lead to good prostate health – so another reason to learn to process all these fruits and prep some good food for family and friends.

Dehydrating Roma and Cherry Tomatoes are popular for me – I will eat them raw or put them on a homemade pizza.  I’m the only avid eater of dried tomatoes because I’m able to consume them within a few months.

Are there any other ideas out there?  Any good recipes?


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