News, Traffic, and Trolls

Gnome TrollIt amazes me sometimes how some sites generate so much traffic for such nonsense.

I went to some generic browser’s homepage, where I would always find myself clicking on their news and realized that some of the ads on their sites were not theirs. It was some advertisement but now that they don’t have borders around the advertisement (sneaky sneaky!), it’s not too apparent.

Anyway, some photo of a lady captioned that the husband divorced after looking up close of the photo. The lady was pretty, so why would he do that? So let me take a peek. After clicking, it ends up being some slide show and every page was like, a sentence else a fragment of a sentence. The photo at the end of the slide show had nothing to do with the photo the headline was referring to. The photo of the girl looked like a regular girl on a messy bed and there was a pair of eyes peeking out of the frame of the bed.  First of all, there wouldn’t have been room to fit a head behind/under that furniture. secondly, why would someone even bother to hide from a photo – just step out of the frame.  I got TROLLED. And think of all those pages I clicked on to see what the reason was. And on top of that, some of the slides were also advertisements and there were pop ups in the mix. What a nightmare. I’m done with these news-lookig type of troll advertisents. They will never have a good resolution. (LOL)

On top of news trolled, I got video trolled. I saw some video title suggesting Hilary was having a seizure. No way. I have no interest in seeing it becuase it’s not nice to see that happen to someone. I was shown a video making the same claim once before, but I missed it (I was doing something else / distracted).

So I clicked it. I missed it again.

It must be a differet video. It wasn’t – it had the right title. I replayed to catch it. I missed it. Again. Does the person posting this even know what a seizure is?

Whoever gave it that title must have been doing it for the hits. Or were they? Because by the end of trying to see how she made out, I could hear her voice giving contradictory statements on some very serious items. The clips were back to back. It was all very clear what happened – it was all on video.

Was that a Trump Troll? #TROLLED

On top of that – on the flip side – I clicked on a Trump video indicating why they he never talks about one of his daughters.  At the end of the slide show, I reflected on it.  I don’t think the reason was ever given.  Actually, it looked like all the kids got along, completed some impressive form of higher education, and were doing pretty good.  I think I was Trump Trolled again!

If that’s the case, then…well played Data Scientists, well played.


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