such is trueSelf-awareness is knowing how your actions affect other people. Knowing when you’re doing “it” again. Knowing when someone is aggravating you and that you don’t need to be aggravated. To know when you’re overloaded and need to ask for help. To know that you don’t know how to ask, what to ask for,  or where to begin.  To know what you may be able to do to help yourself. Maybe just to write to get it off your mind. Maybe to know that you don’t know what you don’t know. To know that you can and will get on a better track

Self-awarenesss can be and is the start to so many things. Emotional intelligence or a rehab program because you know you have a problem.  New diets and lifestyle choices.

For me, it’s every step of the way, to do the right thing to achieve the best outcome for myself, my family, my life and all those in it. To be a better person and better than who I was yesterday … Or a few hours ago. 🙂


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