Removing the Middleman [in the Voting Process]


Uber has rendered obsolete the dispatcher.  Similarly, in their own respective model,

  • AirBNB, the hotel staff.
  • Venmo, the ATM.
  • ATM, the bank teller.
  • Kindle, the librarian & library / bookstore (nooo!!!)
  • Orbitz – the travel agency/agent

These innovations may have their faults and  won’t be perfect upfront, but it’s all a learning curve.

But how have we not automated the voting process?  We should at least have the option to have an online way to submit votes.  The technology is there, what stops us from using it? People may be concerned about fraud, but I’ve been to the voting poll and have seen a signature above my name and address information – so basically I’ve seen the current process either a victim to its own fraud, or just to manual/human error.

At least if it’s online, you could audit it much quicker. You can print out everyone’s ID number (i.e. SSN), some unique pin – maybe via a random number generator a voter opts to pay like $5/year for, and all the voters can validate that, “Yes that was my vote.”

You’d save a lot of time, money, hassle in having people wait around, go out of their way, energy.

Plus we’d save a lot of money in storage. These booths are huge! Where are these things being kept? It would be easy to hack the voter responses with some aluminum foil and tape.


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