Silver Fillings Messing with My Energy Field

 At some point during college, I realized I lacked the ability to focus anymore. I would add some ADHD drops in my water hoping that would help me get through the tons of reading I had to complete. Perhaps though the books I had to read just couldn’t compare to the summer reading lists that I really enjoyed (except for 1 or 2)…or perhaps I was burnt out from taking so many classes at once. Or perhaps I was just really tired. Maybe all of the above.

After so many physics, chemistry, material science, and thermo dyamics classes I came to specuate (epiphany?) that the metal in my mouth, whether it was the Mercury seeping into me (#TheMadHatter) or just properties of metal being such good heat (energy) conductors that it may have been interfering with the energy field that exists in every molecule in my/our bodies. These positive neutrons and negative electrons are after all, in everything aren’t they? Correct me if I’m wrong here.

I threw out the theory to my dentist, who more than entertained my ideas and had more than two cents to put in.
He was great – he read up on different research and could recite the names of these people. He even had a patient who was sick and, amist trying out all avenues to recover, made a play to remove a boatload of silver fillings acquired over his lifetime.

I can’t speak for the results of that patient, but at that point, I was sold. I wanted to be able to pay attention in meetings/class and get through a book I’d enjoy.

It probably wasn’t even a year later that I found myself in that dentist chair, sans novacaine, having my fillings removed and replaced by porcelain-colored fillings. This was considered a cosmetic procedure at this point but I was ready to pay out-of-pocket.

It was a decision I definitely didn’t regret. Dentist dude was wearing like hazmat protective gear so he wouldn’t inhale whatever he was drilling out. Apparently dentists were getting negaive effects (early on?) from all the fumes they would get exposed to.

And recently I read 2 books within a week. Now the only roadblock to reading that good book is making the time between all the responsibilities. Perhaps a good reason to consider public transportation again.



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