Get Back on the Horse!

148-4846_IMGWhen it comes to habits, whether it’s time management, your diet, organization and cleanliness, I find that I often fall off the horse.  I try to stay on top of my mail as it comes, but sometimes I really don’t even want to look at any of my mail.  I remember when I would wait for 2 weeks to get a letter from my cousin on the other side of the world and how awesome it would be for it to finally come.  Now, between junk mail, bills, ads, and maybe some actually nice mail in there, it’s just information overload.

I try to highlight the top 3 or so things that I really have to get done today, but sometimes, for better or worse, I just wing it.  Today was one of those days and I felt really discombobulated!  Not every day is like that though – sometimes the day ends up being a whack-a-mole type of day and I did actually whack a bunch of moles.

I try to bring healthy snacks to work and a healthy lunch, but then I go through phases that I don’t want to cook on a Sunday night and I don’t want to see another trail mix.  Though I attribute it to lack of self-discipline in myself,  I always try to pick myself up and get back on track.  Maybe try a new healthy habit to mix it up and to keep it fresh.  I think that’s key.

I may not feel like cooking, but if I stick to keeping limited snacks around the house, I am in less danger of making some detrimental decisions.  I may not always stay on a GTD track every single day, but I believe we need those days sometimes to free-style it.  It makes us appreciate the days we actually stay organize and GTD.

I may splurge on a meal and ate some fries or had the ice cream or cookie, but if my next meal decision is a good one and my good decisions out-weigh the bad ones, I’m hopefully gaining traction somewhere.  Day by day if we’re making traction in different aspects of our lives, I think that will get us far.

So no matter how off track you feel, try to stay on track in other areas and get back on the horse.  I say this as a pile of mail is stacked on the corner of my table, haunting my peripheral vision, and I eat cereal for my dinner/late night snack too.  But I am here writing this and that’s one thing I got done tonight.  Perhaps too falling off the horse may be a blessing in disguise?


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