No Carbs, No Fats, and Only Protein!? Oh My!

I'm making me hungry...

We all think we know best but when we deviated from time-tested effective traditions, we may be missing out.  I try my best to not reinvent the wheel but sometimes even the most seemingly good thing may have unintended effects on our health.

I knew I wasn’t taking care my health as best as I could when I was in college – those buffet style eating halls will be the bain of your freshman 15.  As my taste for food got more experienced, I find that photos/ ads for fried foods don’t do it for me anymore.  When I was on maternity leave, the hours I spent sitting down were testing of my stamina and patience. I ended up purchasing several courses from The Great Courses so that my brain would stay stimulated in the middle of the night and I would continue to hold onto the LO.  One of those courses was on Nutrition.  One of the things I remember listening and watching these lessons was that I saw so many drawbacks of fad diets I recall a friend in high school was into (I.e. Atkins, Stacker pills that don’t let you absorb/digest the fats in your foods, etc.) but the more you realize for example, what subset of carbs (i.e. brown rice) to keep in, you find yourself more satisfied during the day while taking proper care of yourself.

After all, you need complex carbs in your diet to ensure proper function of your nervous system.  You need cholesterol for proper, and long-lasting, maintenance of your brain.  You need a good balance of fats to help the food pass through your digestive system.  And no doubt there’s lots more that I’m not referencing here.

As I scour on my free time for natural ways to address ailments, I have come to believe that it’s a rainbow diet – ideally organic so you get as much nutritional benefit as possible, everything in moderation (eat or split half your food in a restaurant!), keep active (walking is a key element of those who have the longest lifespans according to Blue Zones), and just keep getting back on the horse even if you had a bad eating day, weekend, or winter!

In looking to see if Intermittent Fasting was more adverse to myself as a female, this author has said it best:

Learn the essentials of good nutrition. It’s by far the best thing you can do for your health and fitness.

Cook and eat whole foods. Exercise regularly. Stay consistent.

So here’s to our health!


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