Why is my Baby Crying?

The WizardAs I sit in peace while my LO sleeps, I still have the paranoia to check that he’s alright because he’s slept for an extended period of time.  I recall, less vaguely than not, the long days off where I spent our hours trying to pacify him.  I referenced books and several online resources to obtain ideas on how to help him.  I kept them on a list, on my phone, available to my fingertips as I would need it to be.

Here’s my list:

Top 10 Ideas Why My Baby is Crying? / Top 10 Things to Do to Help Pacify a Crying Baby

  1. Hungry–> Give BM or Bottled Formula
  2. Diaper –> Check / Change his Diaper
  3. Fatigue / Tired  –>
    1. Rock baby to sleep [i.e. in your arms]
    2. Put in crib with pacifier
    3. Darken the room
    4. Swaddle
    5. Cuddle
    6. Walk around or bounce on yoga ball
    7. Warm bath
    8. Hairdryer/ shhh/rhythmic sounds
    9. Go Outside (Stroller, Carrier, or car ride)
  4. Tummy Discomfort – Massage / Pressure on tummy
  5. Give him something to suck (pinky, pacifier when calm)
  6. Too warm –> Remove any extra clothing layers on him
  7. Too cold –> Provide warmth
  8. Same position/view for too long–> change it
  9. Carry for 3+ hours
  10. Be entertaining or, if tired, less stimulation

In retrospect, it seems like some of these items would be common sense, but when you’re sleep deprived and your baby is wailing, this list helped me to ensure I exhausted all my options before I resorted to the iPod idea, which I don’t think I ever had to do.

Hope it helps some tired mama and papas out there!  Is there anything else you’ve tried that I’ve missed?  Please share!


*This is not an all encompassing list.


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