Clean Eating

SE1Q7617I typically try to buy only organic ingredients – I’m not sure when I started caring but it may have been the movie Food Inc that made me very conscious about the quality and origin of my food. I also found that Trader Joe’s organic carrots tasted great and that could be a launching board for us to move away from the “bar diet”, where we thought it super time efficient to eat, for example, zone bars for breakfast and lunch during the weekdays. We actually may have been the thinnest around that time period – most of that had to do with Weight Watchers for me though. After Food Inc. I believe is when I started to move away from HFCS and lean more towards grass-fed beef (not to be confused with beef from cows on a “vegetarian diet”, of which corn could technically fit into that category, which is bad because that is what produces the E.coli in the cow’s stomach and why the beef producers would then add ammonium / pink slime additive to kill it from what I understand), after this Unblind My Mind: What are we Eating? TED talk I started to avoid MSGs, and I’m not sure where the non-GMO part came in (but saw Consumed earlier this week, which only reinforced the practice though).

Anyway, now I’m trying to focus / refocus more on this Clean Eating, which technically I would have been doing but due to time limitations (baby needs, work balance, etc.), I need to figure out how to continue and do it better. (Perhaps a crock pot?)

But, on top of just eating clean food, I have been concerned if I am getting all the nutrients, macronutrients, etc. I need. In watching [fragments of] The Truth About Cancer, there was one Doctor who could take a blood sample and tell you diseases/disorders you would/could expect to get, what your missing, and what you could do to bridge those gaps. Amazing. I must find this guy.  I heard that this is similar to when plants turn yellow because of lack of nutrients in the soil – it’s similar to when people get jaundice.

Considering that, in the cancer documentary, one person claimed to battle and defeat cancer by clean eating, why not continue down this road?  They say that Organic foods are more expensive, but if in the long run it keeps you healthy (less medical bills) it would ideally pay off.

We may not be 100% perfect at clean eating, but if we get back on the horse everyday, the continuous detoxing effect of clean and well-balanced eating have proven to pay off.   This is beginning to sound like a diet come to think of it, but I guess it’s more a way of life.  If you do it right, it’s actually not a bad deal if you do it right!


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