Stop working

I read that the key to being effective while working from home was to …stop working.  How could one not stop to read.  The jist was that a study showed the optimum work to nonwork ratio for effectiveness was  52 minutes of work to 17 minutes of downtime.

But not just any downtime activity was eligible to count towards that 17 minutes of downtime.  Watching episodes of your favorite TV show didn’t count for example.  However prepping for dinner or starting the laundry did because it gave your brain the opportunity to rest and wander.  When you return to your work location you’re apparently refreshed to kick off another round of productivity.

An immediate benefit is seen when the weekend hits and all those menial tasks you  threw into your 17minutes of downtime leaves you with an uninterrupted weekend to take it easy.

So, anyone down for a coffee break?


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