Holes In The Ground

We are taking classes on permaculture and are looking to build a swales for a food forest this year!

Dozens of our seedlings have been planted and some of them have already sprouted! A week ahead of when we planted them last year as when we went to put them outside, they still seemed to small and fragile.

In May – perhaps mid to late May, we will attempt to dig holes into the ground. The reg is open for hole diggers. 🙂 I’m betting this will be Memorial Day weekend.

  • Hole Diggers to Dig ditches 2′ wide and just a few inches deep. The dirt will be piled on the other side of the ditch – this pile is called a berm.
  • Someone to validate the levelness of the ditches – it needs to be level and we have an A-Frame with a level that we can show you how to use.
  • someone to cut 2′ wide cardboard stripes. This will be used to create a lasagna technique. They will be layered on the other side to the planned ditch.
  • Ditch fillers – we’ll be filling the holes we dis with sand and/or gravel. Well, definitely gravel, but considering sand for the bottom or one of the sides first.
  • Bern coverers – we need to cover the berm with mulch and seeds and then net the area so the seeds have a better chance to survive vs. being eaten by the birds. 🙂
  • Labor will be exchanged for pizza and beer – or other similar nourishments. Housing is available on a first-come first-serve basis. This is a great opportunity to get fresh air and connect with nature and learn about permaculture design.


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