Day 1

This is Day 1 of our dome project.



Post-Leveling (T)

It is now the 2nd weekend in May.  This is the week where we are supposed to put our seedlings outside.  We’ve put a lot of time and thought into our seedling process.

But first, let’s review our work from last week.  This is a picture of the rocks we added to the side of the foundation for our retaining wall last week.

The retaining wall.

Our retaining wall.

We didn’t do too much more with the foundation this week but continued to work on our seedlings, placing them in bigger pots and assembling a cold frame so that we could place some of them outside. We read that 2 weeks before the last frost, when you transplant your seeds to the ground, that you should put them in a greenhouse or something similar so that they would get acclimated to the outside weather. We added an owl to scare away any rabbits or other critters who found their way inside the cold frame. We also put together 3 tomato teepees and planted 2 tomatoes and 1 tomatillo in them.

We also saw a bird now sitting in the nest we found last week.  Coincidentally, it was Mother’s Day weekend.

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

The Geodesic Greenhouse Dome Kit (T-1)

T-1 is a countdown for me of how many weeks before we need to put the seedlings outdoors.  In the meantime, we will do something I’ve always wanted to do.


I’m not sure what drew me to geodesic architecture, but it started with a house that looked like a hobit’s house and it may have been from this company.  Anyway, we’re not building a house, but a geodesic greenhouse instead.  Perhaps this will be a warm oasis for the wintertime – maybe add a hammock and some tables and chairs.

IMG_1310-dome day 1Step 1 – Need a level site.

After wood chipping all the branches from the winter’s pruning, we had our 25′ (actually 26′) site ready for clearing.  The next morning, after the first 1/2 day of landscaping, we tried to hammer in some rebar into the ground in a couple of different places and realized that rocks were going to be a big problem.   When the landscapers arrived, we asked them to dig a 2′ trench around the perimeter of the foundation.  I knew this due diligence was well worth the time taken away from some leveling we wanted in the garden as well.  We would definitely be drilling holes all over our foundation beams looking for a place the rebar would get through come building time.   You can see the rocks on the side. This is the afternoon after a 1/2 a day and then a morning of landscaping work.  Our site was then covered with pea stone and the gravel was left on the sides.

We later stacked the rocks we could lift on this exposed edge to create somewhat of a retaining wall for the land.  Hopefully we did a good job and Mother Nature won’t test our skills too hard.

On a side note, we found a nest on the fence holding these pretty blue eggs.  They look like they were the result of an Easter egg coloring kit  We didn’t touch them and (from an internet search) we think they are a Robin’s eggs.

What a text-book-looking nest!

Eggs on the fence.

Eggs on the fence.